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For about 20 years, we have remained faithful to our simple philosophy: we give our customers peace of mind
by relieving them from tasks related to translations; they, in turn, can dedicate their time and energy to the things
that are the most important to them. 
This is how we help them make their plans and business aspirations a reality.


For almost 20 years, we have specialised in written translation for companies that require high quality work completed quickly. Our solutions allow us to shorten the implementation time of very large and complex projects by as much as 50%, while retaining complete linguistic correctness and using coherent terminology.


Our customers include the largest Polish and international companies from industries such as pharmaceutics, finance, legal services, the construction industry, the power industry, as well as IT. In 2013, we translated nearly 411 million words (approximately 185 thousand pages). Our team, comprising 50 members, coordinate the work of more than 1,000 translators and industry experts all over the world.


Our values, our employees’ commitment to their work, and our unique solutions are the secret of our effectiveness and our recipe for success. Thanks to these factors, we can satisfy even the most demanding customers. This is our method — we call it the GET IT Way.

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