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Revision and editing

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Standard revision

Each of our translations is performed by a translator who is not only proficient in a given language, but also in specialist terminology. In spite of that, revision is an inherent stage of the translation process. It involves quality control of the translator’s work. Thus grammatical, syntactic or stylistic errors are eliminated, and the inaccuracies and editing differences between the source and target documents are corrected.

Complete specialist revision

This expert revision is performed at the customer’s request. The document translated by a translator selected according to specialisation undergoes additional revision by another expert. The reviser performing complete specialist revision is a professional in a given field, who uses the specialist language in practice.


Are the documents intended for publication? Will they be presented to a larger group of recipients? We will adjust style to the character and purpose. We will also guarantee that the translation will not lose the specific character of the original text.

Our editors are people for whom the target language is their native language. They are experts who professionally deal with communication on a daily basis and use the written word with proficiency and ease — journalists, editors, copywriters, advertising and marketing specialists.