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We keep asking ourselves the following questions: how can we effectively do the undoable? How can we cut costs and, at the same time, meet the strictest deadlines? How can we preserve high quality and document integrity while coordinating the work of many translators all over the world?

At GET IT, we took up this challenge. We have developed the GET IT Way: a unique, continuously improved set of the most efficient tools and procedures. Those solutions have received their own names:


Even the slightest inaccuracy in numbers or graphics in CAD files can have grave consequences. This is why GET IT only works on the text tier. We do not interfere with the substantive content of CAD diagrams at any stage of the project. Thanks to this, we offer a full guarantee of compliance and security of technical drawings.

GET IT SmartCAD allows you to work with source DWG files at later stages of the project, as well as retain coherence and the use of correct language in all documents translated as part of such projects.


GET IT ScienceDirect


With chemical and pharmaceutical businesses in mind, GET IT has developed an original solution for improving the efficiency of translating documents required to be enclosed with applications for the registration of a new substance or drug.

The more extensive the documentation, the more visible the effects of introducing new procedures. GET IT ScienceDirect allows us to reduce the translation costs by as much as 50% and considerably shorten the waiting time. We do not only observe deadlines, but also guarantee full linguistic and terminological coherence.

GET IT QuickReports

Thanks to long-term experience, GET IT has developed a set of solutions dedicated to the Finance & Law sector. These solutions are implemented in the translations of recurring reports. Thanks to unique procedures, we lower the costs and reduce the time necessary  for the project to be carried out. All you have to do is provide us with reports from previous years.

GET IT QuickReports can be applied to periodical reports (e.g., quarterly or annual), as well as to financial statements or expert opinions. It combines time- and cost-efficiency without compromising precision.


GET IT Glossary


GET IT offers specialised services within the scope of creating industry-specific dictionaries and terminology databases. Thanks to these resources, our translators apply a coherent terminological convention according to the customer’s preferences. Specialist supporting software allows us to avoid consultations regarding use of the same term several times — a frequent cause of delays or standstills in similar orders.

GET IT Glossary is supervised by the entire Quality Assurance team, including dedicated terminology management experts. Thanks to this, terminology resources are updated on an ongoing basis, consistently and professionally managed, and subject to continuous review.

GET IT WebFocus

Efficient website translation and localisation requires appropriate procedures and tools. GET IT have designed a unique solution called GET IT WebFocus.

Thanks to this solution, the time required to perform a task is shorter, and the project requires much less involvement from the customer than in the case of traditional localisation. Translations are performed in a shared CMS, which eliminates issues related to compatibility. Additionally, the service standard includes: stylistic and industry-specific editing, as well as functional tests.


GET IT Race Against the Clock


Sometimes deadlines are key… and nearly impossible to meet. With such situations in mind, GET IT has created a number of procedures that enable the completion of similar orders under the pressure of time.

GET IT Race Against the Clock, a dedicated project management methodology and a modern technology, allows for the quick assessment of documents’ complexity, and their preparation for translation. Experienced Project Managers coordinate a large, frequently international team of translators, revisers, editors, and industry experts. Thanks to this methodology, we guarantee coherence and linguistic correctness, as well as the delivery of orders by a defined deadline.