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Case study: Long-term service under special surveillance

The construction of a new power unit poses a great challenge, not only in terms of design or logistics, but also from the linguistic perspective. Our customer, one of the world’s leading companies, became a general contractor of such investment in Poland. Upon commencement of the work, the customer required comprehensive localisation services, which we performed under special surveillance.

The translations varied and covered both internal circular documents, formalised official letters and full technical documentation, including drawings. The challenges for the customer’s managers were amplified by the fact that they had to cooperate with branches spread across the world, each of which had different communication requirements. It was necessary to develop and implement common standards.

Thanks to direct contact and professional documentation management, it was possible to connect the ICT systems. We established specialised teams responsible for handling and carrying out the orders, which guaranteed efficient performance and consistency. A separate project group, in close cooperation with the customer, systematically analysed and improved individual processes.

Under the project, we translated more than 3.5 million words, which corresponded to nearly 17 thousand pages of different types of documents in seven languages. The customer received a comprehensive service from a single vendor and, due to its long-term nature — also special rates and priority completion deadlines. The cooperation has been extended for the years to come.


We are flexible. For documents where there is no space for compromise, we provide the highest quality guarantees — mistakes are simply out of the question.

However, we are also excellent at dealing with critical situations where time is of the essence or where budget is limited. We will tailor our offer to your needs.

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