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Case study: Service tailored to the customer’s needs

When placing products in a new market, one needs to be ready to face a challenge of local regulations and unusual requirements. That was exactly the case with our customer, one of the pharmaceutical market leaders in Poland, which had been pursuing a drug registration procedure behind the eastern border. We helped the customer solve the problem by providing an individual service tailored to its needs.

The translated official documents submitted to a foreign registration authority needed to be certified by a sworn translator and the company did not have one among its employees. In that particular case, it was also required that the translation be permanently attached to the originals, sewn together with a string and bear a rosette sticker, which is not standard practice in our country. Therefore, the project manager faced an unusual organisational challenge. The short time limit for delivery of the entire documentation was an additional difficulty.

For the purposes of the order, we developed special working methods. The customer needed not take care of the logistics and our translators delivered 15 sets of documents in the required form in two days. Thanks to the flexible approach, we were able to meet the foreign office’s requirements within the expected time limit and the company successfully completed the formal, complex registration procedure.


We are flexible. For documents where there is no space for compromise, we provide the highest quality guarantees — mistakes are simply out of the question.

However, we are also excellent at dealing with critical situations where time is of the essence or where budget is limited. We will tailor our offer to your needs.

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