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Perfectly organised processes ensure that
our way of working meets the needs
of even the most demanding customers

We specialise in providing services to large companies with complex structures



At GET IT, we make it our priority to identify your needs. We ask many questions: about the types of documents you translate, their purpose, and the specific nature of your industry and business. This helps us offer you a service that is designed specifically for you, with the optimum mix of quality, turnaround time, and price.

Our joint efforts and the time spent on pinpointing your needs will result in tangible savings of your time and money.


Once you accept our offer, we can start processing your order. However, we would be happy to sign a framework agreement with you that defines the principles of our long-term cooperation as well as your benefits.

The agreement would include a price list for basic services, and the conditions for estimating the costs of additional services.

In the agreement, you can stipulate rights to translation memories, provide for the creation of a terminology database and subscribe to a specialised machine translation service or translations certified with a digital signature. We can also specify the level of special discounts depending on the volume or value of services ordered.

Long-term cooperation is an efficient and perfectly matched partnership.


The terms of cooperation set out in the offer or the agreement are introduced into GET IT’s internal system.

This enables our team to quickly respond to your needs at every stage of cooperation.

Our Customer Service Team will work directly with you. The team provides expert advice, takes your orders and prepares and confirms cost estimates, including non-standard projects that are not defined in agreements.



The cost estimate takes into consideration the translator’s remuneration, the file type, deadlines, language pairs and additional services, as well as other elements of the translation process resulting from factors such as the intended purpose of the translation. For highly specialised or lengthy texts, we confirm the availability of translators to ensure adherence to quality and timeliness. After accepting the cost estimate, you will receive a system notification with the price, deadline and order specification.



Order execution is supervised by our project managers. They coordinate the work of translators, revisers, editors and DTP specialists. They monitor projects on a constant basis, solve any emerging issues and make sure that the order is completed exactly to your specifications. They work closely with all the departments in our company, ensuring the correct flow of information.

Depending on the nature of your order, you can request individual procedures. For instance, lengthy translations can by delivered successively, in a set order, while texts that require DTP processing can be sent to you for review before they are handed over to a graphic designer or DTP specialist.



After an internal review, you accept the target files. If any corrections are necessary, we amend the texts and update your guidelines and language resources.



After completing the order, we issue an invoice. Subject to your preferences, an invoice may be issued directly after the service has been provided or collectively, in accordance with the frequency specified in the agreement.




Over 98% of translation projects completed by GET IT are accepted without any reservations. However, if any issues or complaints arise, each case is treated on an individual basis. Sometimes, even the best make errors. Our policy is to identify them, correct them or offer compensation, and then improve our processes. This helps us prevent future errors and continually improve the quality of our services.


We are implementing regular surveying system in order to respond to your needs as they arise and maintain excellent customer experience. We listen to our customers. Your feedback enables the quality of our services to keep on increasing.

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