All our translations are performed by specialists who have a perfect command not only of the language, but also of your industry’s terminology. Revision is still an essential part of the translation process.

It involves quality control of the translator’s work. It eliminates grammatical, syntactic and stylistic errors, and corrects inconsistencies and formatting differences between the source and target files.

In addition to standard self-revision performed by the translator, every translation is checked by the Project Manager for completeness and compliance with the guidelines.

Depending on your needs and the nature of your translation project, we can provide you with additional revision performed by another specialist.

Although additional revision does affect the price, it enables you to reduce the time spent on reviewing the translation internally.
Before a translation project begins, it is important that you indicate the level of revision required, depending on the purpose of the translated document.

Adding the highest level of revision to all translation projects would be financially inefficient. Therefore, the different revision levels offered by GET IT enable you to optimise translation costs.