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Terminology management

This service comprises the creation and regular updating of terminology glossaries maintained by GET IT for you or for selected departments of your company.

It enables our translators to apply consistent terminology in accordance with your preferences. Our specialised translation-support software avoids the need for consulting you about the same term, which is a frequent cause of delays.

Do you feel your company is too big to maintain consistent terminology?

GET IT has helped dozens of customers to standardise their vocabulary across the company or to develop separate terminology resources for various departments.

The term bases we create at the beginning of our cooperation help us maintain terminological consistency and compliance with your preferences. These bases may become an additional benefit for the customer and the customer’s employees.
They support everyday work and align the language of internal and external communication in multiple areas such as marketing, sales, customer service and legal activities. A term base provides more than significant savings in the costs of onboarding new hires. It also enables new content to be developed quicker and increases the efficiency of content authors.

Did you know that losses due to a single terminology-related error may be more than one thousand times the cost of an entire company’s terminology management for a few years?

Terminology management is a solution available to every company, irrespective of its size, industry, or the way it operates.

GET IT helps you avoid mistakes in specialised terminology. Our terminology specialists systematically review your resources, ensuring they are always up-to-date and consistent with your requirements. Any corrections and additions you report are introduced immediately, enabling GET IT to increase the efficiency of translation and revision processes.

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