Banking and Finance

Our translators include economists, as well as banking, finance, and insurance experts. We are fully aware of the importance of precision, speed, confidentiality, appropriate terminology, and compliance with industry standards. Thanks to our apt processes, we can handle the most demanding projects.


Examples of our most frequent translation projects

  • financial statements, periodic reports
  • opinions of registered auditors
  • prospectuses
  • investor relations projects
  • audit reports
  • bank procedures
  • UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities) documentation, Key Investor Information Document
  • translations for the purposes of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Bank Guarantee Fund, the Insurance Guarantee Fund, European Central Bank, European Banking Authority
  • documentation from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
  • analyses of new financial technologies (FinTech)
  • banking and insurance IT systems
  • electronic banking platforms
  • electronic banking application interfaces
  • patent applications
  • credit and loan agreements
  • leasing and purchase-sale agreements
  • market research and analyses
  • general insurance conditions
  • insurance contracts
  • cessions, certificates and policies
  • damage claim forms


Case study: Joint project team

Mobile banking has become the basic channel of access to financial services for many users. One of the banks operating in our market has decided to make its application available in English, Russian, and Ukrainian for eastern foreigners working in Poland. We offered a special service tailored to the bank’s needs.

Translating software requires not only conveying the meaning of individual words and expressions, but also adjusting them to fit the user interface. In practice, a translator needs to have access to the application in order to be able to verify the translation of a given software string. The customer was unable to do this in-house, as they had no employees with the relevant experience or linguistic knowledge. The project manager had to work with external vendors, which was further complicated by bank’s security procedures that restrict third‑party access to internal resources.

We solved the problem by forming a joint project team comprising of the customer’s and getit employees, as well as dedicated translators, who were also ready to work at the bank’s offices when required. Once completed, all translations were additionally edited and revised in terms of content. The customer was able to communicate with the entire team on an ongoing basis. Software was translated and tested within the planned time frame, while maintaining linguistic correctness and the required level of confidentiality of information.


We are flexible and renowned for our impeccable customer service. For documents with no room for compromise, we provide the highest quality guarantees.