getit Quality Index

When we check a translation job, we apply our proprietary GET IT Quality Index.

It is an objective metric, reflecting compliance with the agreed-upon translation quality level.

Example of getit Quality Index performance for one of our clients over the years:

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Medical industry

  • Power industry

The getit Quality Index value depends on the error count and the content volume. It can be calculated and monitored on an ongoing basis both for individual projects and for the entire relationship with a client.

Examples of standards and methodologies for measuring the quality of translation on which the getit QI is based:


    • ATA (American Translators’ Association) Error Annotation Scheme
    • LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) Quality Model
    • MQM (Multidimensional Quality Metric)
    • SAE J2450 Automotive Translation Quality Metric
    • TAUS DQF (Dynamic Quality Framework)
    • European Commission — DGT Dynamic Ranking methodology)


Many of these standards have been developed or used by professionals at such companies as Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Amazon, Dell or IBM.


We work with carefully selected translators — both Polish and international. We are very restrictive about keeping our timing and quality commitments. Therefore, we assess every project through our internal reliability monitoring systems. Our Project Managers ensure that additional verification is carried out for every translation job