You focus on the content while we eliminate all language barriers. We provide you with reliable linguistic experts who know your industry inside out. We deliver the necessary equipment and ensure comfort of communication during business meetings, calls, and conferences.
We offer three types of interpreting services:



This type of interpreting is usually performed without additional equipment—it takes place whenever the speaker pauses. This doubles the time of the original speech.

Consecutive interpreting can be used at business meetings, official public addresses, or during legal meetings at a notary public office or a law firm. The service may also be certified by a sworn interpreter.



This type of interpreting is performed simultaneously with the speaker. It is always delivered by two experts who alternate every 20 minutes. The interpreters work from a booth equipped with interpreting equipment and the listeners use receivers with headphones. Simultaneous interpreting may be conducted in many languages at the same time.



This is a type of simultaneous interpreting. It is performed concurrently with the speaker, but usually without additional equipment. The interpreter simply whispers to the recipient.


We help interpret remote meetings, conferences, and online events.

With the support of experienced interpreters, international negotiations become more effective. Our interpreters follow and translate presentations displayed during online meetings. We can also prepare translations of the presentations into any language in advance, so that the content is ready to use from the get-go.