Law and consulting

We work with the most experienced translators: lawyers, lawyer linguists, and tax advisors. We understand the importance of accuracy, confidentiality, and correct terminology. Thanks to our apt processes, we can handle the most demanding projects.


Examples of most frequent translation projects

  • contracts, agreements, corporate documents
  • certified translations (also certified with a Qualified Electronic Signature)
  • judgments, decisions, and official letters
  • powers of attorney
  • dunning letters
  • audit documentation
  • legal acts
  • petitions
  • expert opinions
  • terms of service (ToS)
  • standards and certificates
  • declarations of conformity
  • tender bids


Case study: Quick translation of litigation documents

New evidence that emerges at a court hearing may significantly affect its final outcome. One of the largest Polish law firms, providing services to domestic and foreign businesses, just received such materials from its client and asked us to translate them promptly.

In such cases time and quality are of the essence, and the volume of important documentation was enormous. The client did not submit the documents to the law firm all at once. Instead, they were to be delivered in batches, which posed an additional project management difficulty. Due to the approaching date of the hearing, the lawyers needed the documents to be translated as quickly as possible, since they still had to scrutinise them.

We offered a special process which guaranteed a quick and consistent translation. It involved the division of documents between translators involved in the project. The linguists discussed all the important language issues on an ongoing basis. Once translated, each document was checked by a reviser, who was responsible for consistency of the translation. Thanks to the documentation receipt procedure, special translation process, and successive return of the translations, the client could manage the volume and seamlessly take further actions.

In two weeks, we translated more than 1,000 pages of litigation documents. The court had no second thoughts while rendering the final judgment, which was favourable for the law firm and its client. Apart from satisfaction from a job well done, we received a letter of reference confirming the quality of the services. Our cooperation has been extended for the years to come.


We are flexible and renowned for our impeccable customer service. For documents with no room for compromise, we provide the highest quality guarantees.