Marketing and Advertising

Creating texts, catchphrases, marketing slogans, and advertisements is art. The reproduction of the ideas behind them in another language goes beyond literal translation.


The translation of advertising and marketing content is supported by transcreation, i.e. creative translation performed by professionals with copywriting skills. Advertising translations require not only linguistic proficiency, but also knowledge of the target group. Different cultural codes may result in nuances of meaning relevant to different target groups.

Therefore, a literal reproduction of advertisements in another language may distort the intended message. The same holds true for the translation of marketing slogans.


We handle translation for both offline (brochures, leaflets, catalogues, banners) and online marketing (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, websites). We also have our own DTP Centre.



We prepare translations of mailing campaigns and copies for social media.


Case study: A landing page is the basis of marketing activities on new markets and the first source of information about a company.

Entering a new market with a product or service already known and loved in other markets requires adaptation of marketing content to a new language, and to the users’ culture and needs. Through our special understanding of cultural and language differences, we adapted the advertising messages of numerous marketing campaigns to new customers. However, we did not make a direct translation from the original. This is because quality marketing content must take account of all linguistic and cultural nuances. At getit, we know how to correctly localise a service or a product so that it reaches the target groups in the right way.