Conquer international markets


Properly prepared multimedia will support your communication with customers in new markets, get your message across to foreign investors, or help you launch a marketing campaign in other countries.



Our localisation services (L10n) include professional translations of websites, software, applications, and games. Localisation is the complete adaptation of content and code to the requirements of the target market, along with cultural and functional testing, and taking local requirements into account.

Our localisation service will provide you with an equivalent of your website, app, or game, tailored to the requirements of the new markets.

Efficient website translation requires appropriate procedures and tools. We have designed a unique solution which enables us to do the job much quicker and with far less involvement on the part of the customer.

By granting access to the CMS in which the translation can be performed, any potential compatibility issues are eliminated.

Our standard localisation workflow also includes language editing.

Device Frame

Localisation services go beyond translation. They are led by teams of linguists with excellent local knowledge. They take into account the full customer and product profile that is expressed in one language, to then accurately recreate this profile in another language.


As part of this service, the following are adapted:

  • text itself,
  • key words,
  • graphics,
  • date and time format, currency, units of measurement,
  • privacy policy and information clause.


Language-specific requirements are taken into account, e.g. the font size necessary for readability in Chinese is over 12 points. In the case of specialised industries (e.g. pharmaceuticals, energy, aviation), the contents are also consulted with experts in order to maintain professional vocabulary.

Audiovisual content


Language is at the core of what we do. We understand the importance of proper audiovisual communication in videos, podcasts, or trainings.

We offer dubbing and voice-over in all language pairs.

Thanks to the use of modern solutions and software, the customer receives ready-to-use audiovisual content in a new language.


We work with the most reputable sound studios, where professional dubbing and backing tracks are recorded by native speakers.


Professionally recorded backing tracks are prepared with due regard to the tone and emotion of the original. It is equally important to maintain the length of the message, and use the proper target language intonation.

We also translate subtitles for audiovisual content. We adjust the subtitles for their length, and time/space constraints within the recording.