Power and Automation

We cooperate with the most experienced translators, engineers and designers of equipment and installations. We know how important precision, appropriate terminology, and speedy delivery are for your business. Thanks to our apt processes, we can handle the most demanding projects.


Examples of our most frequent translation projects

  • descriptions of construction and assembly works
  • descriptions of energy system retrofitting
  • power unit construction designs
  • measurement and control equipment
  • tools and vehicle documentation
  • AutoCAD technical drawings
  • instructions for the maintenance and operation of transmission networks
  • information system interfaces
  • geological documentation
  • exploration and mining concessions and concession applications
  • diagnostic analyses and reports
  • visual inspection reports
  • complete technical and operational documentation
  • commercial and marketing materials
  • legal and financial documents
  • technical and tender specifications
  • academic publications, training materials


Case study: Long-term service under special surveillance

The construction of a new power unit poses a great challenge, not only in terms of design or logistics, but also from a linguistic perspective. Our customer, and one of the world’s leading power companies, became a general contractor of such an investment in Poland. When starting the work, the customer required comprehensive localisation services, which we performed under special surveillance.

The translations covered both internal workflow documents, formalised official letters, and technical documentation, including drawings. The challenges for the customer’s managers were amplified by the fact that they had to cooperate with branches spread across the world, and each branch had different communication requirements. It was necessary to develop and implement common standards.

Thanks to direct contact and professional documentation management, it was possible to connect the ITC systems. We set up specialised teams responsible for handling and carrying out translation projects, which guaranteed required efficiency and consistency. A separate project group, in close cooperation with the customer, systematically analysed and improved individual processes.

As part of the project, we translated more than 3.5 million words, which corresponded to nearly 17 thousand pages of different types of documents in seven languages. The customer received a comprehensive service from a single vendor, and—due to long-term nature of the service—special rates and priority deadlines. The cooperation has been extended for the following years.