All getit translations are performed by specialists who both have a perfect command of the language, and know your industry inside out. On top of that, we can add revision—an essential part of the translation process.


It involves quality control of the translator’s work, which consists of eliminating grammatical, syntactical and stylistic errors, and correcting any other inaccuracies.


In addition to standard quality control performed by the translator, every translation is checked by the Project Manager for completeness and compliance with guidelines.


Depending on your needs and the nature of a given project, we may recommend additional revision by a second linguist.


Additional revision impacts the price, but also reduces the time and resources you spend on internal checks.
Before starting a project, it is crucial to determine the level of revision, depending on the purpose of the document. We will help you make that decision. Using the highest level of revision for all translation projects would be financially inefficient. With different levels of getit revision, you can consciously optimise your translation costs.