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Translation is our core service and main area of expertise. It is a multi-stage process that we always tailor to the needs of a specific customer or project.

All translations delivered by GET IT are performed by industry specialists. They are subject to standard revision and, if necessary, to a more detailed quality assurance process. Depending on your needs, translation can be a more or less complex process, which directly affects the price and turnaround time.

We offer regular, urgent and express translations. We are flexible and can adjust the method and deadline to your specific project.
We can also carry out your translation using advanced neural-network-based AI software, which may then be reviewed by human experts (machine translation post-editing).

Would you like us to help you choose the right type of translation service?

Adjust translation
What kind of translation do you need?
Rush (large volume, fast)
Certified (sworn translator)
For publication
Your translation will be used:
I need it very quickly / I am on a modest budget
For business purposes
I need a professional translation, done by an expert who knows my industry
In a project of paramount importance
I need the best translators with appropriate certificates, and additional expert revision
Recommended service:
Very attractive price, shortest lead time, unrivalled productivity. For over two years, our customers have been using the SMART translation service to have a general overview of the content. It’s a perfect solution if business decisions or human lives do not depend on the translated document.
Neural machine translation systems are still learning – do try out the algorithm we have trained. We achieve the best results for documents in the fields of law and technology.
High productivity, fast delivery time, excellent value for money. All translations delivered by GET IT are performed by translators who specialise in a given industry and are subject to our standard revision process. In addition, every translation is checked by a Project Manager for completeness and compliance with the guidelines.
: When there is no room for compromise. For particularly important texts we advise
full additional revision.
Additional control means a higher level of quality assurance. This allows you to save time spent on internal revision.
The result is perfect, double-tested substantive correctness, a guarantee of full terminological and linguistic accuracy.
Language pairs
Language pairs
Language pairs
all languages
Language pairs
all languages
up to 200 pages per hour
approximately 8 to 10 pages per business day
about 8 pages per business day
Post-editing: machine translation can be ‘polished’ by a translator in order to improve its clarity.
Additional revision focused on a selected area: consistency with the terminology base, linguistic correctness, formatting control, control of numbers, dates and proper names (e.g. additional numerical check in a financial report). For company or brand image documents and publications, we also recommend our editing service.
For company or brand image documents and publications, we also recommend our editing service.
Type of translation
Type of translation
professional machine translation (field-specialised, secure neural network)
Type of translation
traditional; a translator specialising in a given industry (optional reviser and editor )
Type of translation
traditional, ISO 17100:2015 compliant; a translator and a reviser – only specialists in a given industry (optional editor)
Reliability Index
Reliability Index
Reliability Index
Reliability Index

Your project requires more than a translation?

Linguistic services
Terminology management
Technical Services
Non-text-readable documents (OCR)
Graphics editing
Non-standard documents
Translation memory development and maintenance
Rental of interpretation equipment
Customer portal
Support for internal translation departments
Qualified Electronic Signature in certified translations
Quickreports - translation of periodic reports
SmartCAD - translation of technical drawings
Audio-visual translation
Back translation
Website translation
Translators and Interpreters in your office
Trusted by
Mercedes Benz
Siemens Gamesa
I confirm that GET IT Sp. z o.o. has completed our orders for regular and certified translations from English, German and French to Polish and vice versa.
The translated texts contained legal and financial terminology.
All the translations have been done duly and timely.
Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak – Kancelaria Radców Prawnych i Adwokatów Spółka Komandytowa
GET IT has completed our orders for a number of translations with revision in the following language combinations: Polish-English, Polish-German, Polish-French, Polish-Russian, Polish-Spanish and vice versa. Those were specialised translations in the field of law and economics.
We believe that all the orders have been completed with utmost diligence. We recognise the specialist terminology, timely delivery and top quality service.
LINKLATERS C.Wiśniewski i Wspólnicy Spółka Komandytowa
Citroën Polska Sp. z o.o. has been cooperating with GET IT since 2001.
The agency translates for us, mainly in the French-Polish language combination. Our translations mostly include specialist texts for the automotive industry (technical documentation, after-sales service standards and methods).
We particularly recognise the specialist terminology, timely delivery and top quality service.
Citroën Polska Sp. z o.o.
The agency translates for us – mainly in the PL-EN-PL, ES-PL-ES language combinations. Our orders mostly include translations for the power and technical industry, tender and technical specifications as well as translations of manuals and other documents.
We particularly recognise the specialist terminology, timely delivery and top quality service.
Gamesa Energia Polska Sp. z o.o.
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Branch in Poland has been cooperating with GET IT translation agency in the field of translations since 2014. The cooperation is running in a professional, organised, to-the-point and courteous manner. The services of GET IT meet our specialist terminology requirements in the field of professional texts on electronics, optics and electrical engineering. The GET IT team is reliable and presents full commitment by offering the willingness to provide assistance and solve the customer’s problems at each stage of cooperation.
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
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